Creating a Core Academic Integrity Model for plagiarism avoidance. Delivering a universal cross discipline approach to student engagement and education around writing with integrity and avoiding plagiarism.

The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
University College Dublin

Primary Contact
Peter Hickey

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This T&L initiative will:
• Ensure that every student is aware of their role in avoiding plagiarism and has opportunity to receive early, timely, consistent and uniform information and guidance on Academic Integrity in their writing, before they submit their first assignment
• Make students aware of resources and supports for developing skills in referencing, citing and academic writing, enabling them to succeed and flourish in their studies
• Give staff confidence that baseline training is available to all students, which facilitates later provision of disciplinary nuance
• Prevent accidental plagiarism (better education), and deliberate plagiarism (better awareness)
• Scope the feasibility of making this a mandatory activity for all incoming students that ensures student engagement and provides evidence of basic competency
The Core Academic Integrity Model will be delivered through two pathways:
1. The Educational pathway will comprise of an online educational course, assessed using a must-pass activity, targeting all new undergraduate and taught postgraduate students. It will introduce the core concepts underpinning Academic Integrity and good ethical practices, helping them to develop core academic skills, understand their responsibilities for avoiding plagiarism and entering disciplinary processes

2. The Skills pathway will enable progressive skills-development through an online suite of general and discipline-specific resources, clear navigation to discipline specific resources, to support students’ learning and writing at point of need. It will be a resource for academics to integrate into their teaching, recognising and valuing the diversity of requirements across disciplines.
Project Phases include: planning/research – consultation – content creation – piloting -launch – review – mainstream – share.