Contextualized Learning through Interactive Modes of Engagement: A Digital Badge in Teaching and Learning with Sustainability and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Initative Team

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University College Cork

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Dr. Catherine O'Mahony

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This initiative will create a Professional Development Digital Badge in Teaching and Learning with Sustainability to help facilitate the integration of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the curriculum.  This initiative will convert a previously delivered 1.5-hour workshop into a 30 hour course to support staff to reimagine their modules to incorporate student-centred problem-based approaches and establish a transdisciplinary language of sustainability.  This would be offered as a hybrid course via Canvas and be augmented by synchronous sessions to foster transdisciplinary dialogue and establish a learning community where sustainability problems could be addressed, e.g., climate change.  Videos of institutional good practice will be created as inspirational case studies for staff to reflect upon their practice.  Additionally, students will have a co-creational platform to express their needs and aspirations at collaborative sessions and/or by video.  The hybrid format will demonstrate the use of web-based tools and virtual pedagogies to advance online delivery in the current/post COVID-19 learning environment.

This initiative is an expansion of the SDG toolkit, which has a range of resources were developed to support staff integration of SDGs. The SDG toolkit was publicised through running workshops for staff and proved very popular. However, feedback from the workshops and the SDG Toolkit advisory team highlighted the need for a longer, paced development to support staff to think reflectively, to learn with peers and craft curricula to support the participatory modes of engagement required to effectively integrate the SDGs into assessment, teaching and learning and establish action-oriented approaches addressing Graduate Attributes.