Conceptualising UDL with the Student Voice

The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
Institute of Technology Sligo

Primary Contact
Maureen Haran

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To date, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) initiatives within IT Sligo have aimed to improve the student learning experience through streams of CPD programmes developed for educators. It is now timely to ascertain the effectiveness of UDL implementation in the curriculum and through capturing the student voice.

The goal of this initiative will be carried out through the following work packages

• WP1 Best Inclusive Practice Toolkit publication
This will describe and analyse:
the process and effectiveness of UDL inclusive audits, inclusive curriculum development and streams of digital inclusion data on the student experience with UDL.

• WP2 Capturing the student voice through communication pathways
In Semester 1/2020, thirty IT Sligo lecturers completed the 2020 national roll out of the National Forum and AHEAD UDL Digital Badge;  five IT Sligo staff members collaborated as facilitators.
IT Sligo lecturers who attained a UDL digital badge (including those from the national roll out) will be contacted to invite their student cohorts to participate in focus groups with the UDL team. These focus groups will explore the students’ experience.
Thematic analysis of resulting data will describe and analyse student experiences with UDL.

• WP3 Student-led conference ‘Conceptualising UDL with the student voice’
The development of this signature event will embrace a student-centred approach. In collaboration with the IT Sligo Students’ Union, students will have significant involvement in the development, planning and delivery of this conference. Colleagues within higher education will be invited to conceptualise how to meet the diverse needs of students by including them in the teaching and learning process.