Challenge-based Learning at DCU

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Dublin City University

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Blánaid White

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At present, the University is engaged with a comprehensive curriculum renewal project across all its faculties. As part of that renewal, we have committed to introduce innovations in pedagogy that will enhance the student learning experience that will better prepare our students to flourish in the world outside the University. The first stage of this is the development of five new undergraduate programmes that will inform a subsequent, comprehensive restructuring of all undergraduate degree programmes at DCU. Those new programmes involve deep engagement with industry partners in the design and delivery of the programmes with challenge-based learning as a core pedagogy.
This initiative will develop a toolkit and resources for staff and students that addresses engagement with challenge-based learning. Those resources include a series of professional development workshops that draw on existing institutional expertise and the pedagogic expertise of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) partners and others. The outputs will include case studies in the implementation and assessment of challenge-based learning, and other guidance materials.