ATLAS (Aligning Teaching and Learning across the Technological Sector)

Partner Institutions

Project Lead: Athlone Institute of Technology

Project Partners: Dundalk Institute of Technology, Institute of Technology Carlow, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Waterford Institute of Technology


The professionalisation of academic staff is critically important for the transformation of higher education and development of new modes of learning, teaching and assessment (DES, 2011; EUA, 2015; European Commission, 2013; OECD, 2010).

The 2016 launch of an Irish National Professional Development Framework challenges us to explore and interpret the role of accredited professional development in T&L. Another significant development has been the Digital Capacity Framework which plays an increasingly important role in providing a framework for supporting institutions in addressing their digital priorities. Using a reflective and evidence-based approach, this proposal – ATLAS (Aligning Teaching and Learning across the Technological Sector), seeks to interpret the PD framework within the context of existing accredited provision across the technological sector with a view to examining and addressing specific professional development needs. Since the introduction of the HEA Strategic Initiatives Funding (SIF), accredited teaching and learning modules and programmes have been developed and offered across the HE sector.

Within the IoT sector, the Learning Innovation Network (LIN) group collaboratively designed the ‘LIN Flexible Pathway’ to a postgraduate diploma. In addition, other LIN members have developed programmes in response to their own specific requirements. Building on this work, the collaborators seek to (i) map existing provision against the PD framework, (ii) interpret existing provision using the PD framework domains, (iii) identify opportunities to align provision to the Digital Capacity Framework (for example, through Digital Badging) and (iv) explore the development of a framework/tool to support colleagues in using the framework to guide and inform ongoing professional development.

For the ATLAS project to be a meaningful body of work it is essential that programme participants inform and guide this process. In addition, the project team is committed to ongoing engagement with relevant stakeholders.

Primary Contact(s)

Nuala Harding

Athlone Institute of Technology