Assessment AS and FOR Learning – Developing Assessment Literacy

The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
Institute of Technology Tralee

Primary Contact
Tom Farrelly

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This T&L initiative encompasses the National Forum’s strategic areas of professional development and student success, focusing as it does on the enhancement of assessment literacy for students and teaching staff. While colleges are very effective in terms of assessment OF learning, the development of assessment literacy is a tangible way for IT Tralee to realise the National Forum’s sectoral focus of assessment FOR and AS learning.

This initiative incorporates a number of elements aimed at affording student support staff, academic staff and students the opportunity to participate in the identification of issues and the means to resolve these issues with regard to assessment feedback as a teaching and learning strategy.

The elements incorporate:

1. Staff & student survey regarding assessment experiences
2. Post survey the initiative calls for joint staff and student focus group sessions
3. Development of Assessment Literacy training staff and students workshops
4. Development of a series of online resources which are intended to act as an additional material to the workshops and to facilitate self-directed learning as the student progresses.

While the provision of face to face workshops is an important element of the initiative, we recognise that assessment needs are ongoing hence the need for the development of self-directed online resources that will facilitate sequential development of skills at the student’s own pace and needs.

It is the intention that these workshop materials and online resources will subsequently be used for future staff and student intakes as well being made available through the National Forum.