Assessing Languages: Digital Development and Innovation Project (ALADDIN)

The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
Trinity College Dublin

Primary Contact
Prof Lorna Carson

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The ALADDIN (Assessing Languages: Digital Development and Innovation) initiative will develop a suite of innovative digital language testing tools within Trinity’s institution-wide language programmes, which are offered to all students in the university. Located within a framework of digital pedagogy innovation, ALADDIN will support the learning development of undergraduate and postgraduate students to become independent digital language learners, and promote next-generation teaching and learning.

Whilst there have been important recent advances in educational technology, the language assessment remains grounded in an older pedagogical model. Developments in online language testing allow for valid and reliable assessment, foster learner engagement, connect with pedagogical activities in online and blended classes, and allow students to take control of the pace, sequence and direction of their language learning. This process can be motivating for learners, as examples of ‘gamification’ in language testing demonstrate. Developing online language assessment also re-conceptualises the purpose of assessment, shifting away from the instructor-led model, towards lifelong, learner-led language learning.

ALADDIN will develop a suite of multilingual online language assessment tools. Digital placement, diagnostic and proficiency tests will be developed for 10 languages. The assessment languages include English for Academic Purposes, Irish, Irish Sign Language, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. ALADDIN will use an open-access approach to lead digital innovation in language testing, to create accessible language assessment tools that are fit for purpose and meet the changing needs of students and instructors.