Announcing the National Forum’s Learning Impact Awards in Higher Education

Recognising, celebrating, sharing and enhancing outstanding impact on learning in higher education

The National awards system, co-ordinated through the National Forum aims to support institutional efforts to promote and learn from the best teachers across all disciplines. The objectives of the Forum’s award system will be to:

  • Enhance and motivate outstanding teaching in all our higher education institutions.

  • Showcase and strengthen excellence in higher education and value teaching at a national level

  • Reward excellent teaching practice and scholarship that aligns with the Forum enhancement themes

  • Offer the greatest opportunity for participation by all HEI’s, both public and private.

The National Forum has led the development of a three phase learning impact award system. The implementation of the first iteration of phase 1 was completed with the presentation of the Teaching Hero awards in September 2014 and phase 2, with the presentation of the Teaching Expert awards in December 2015. The Learning Impact Awards will ensure strong ongoing partnership between students and academic contexts and between ‘heroes’ and ‘experts’ to inform and shape professional development strategies, frameworks, norms and learning cultures.

The second cycle of the Learning Impact Awards began February 2016 and culminated in the Teaching Heroes 2016 Awards in October 2016 and the development of the DELTA Awards.

The tabs below show the key characteristics of the three learning impact award phases as envisaged by the National Forum

DELTA Awards
Learning Impact Awards phase 3: DELTA Awards – discipline-focused
  • Context specific

  • Enhancement enabling

  • Achievement focused

  • Forward looking

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Teaching Expert Awards
Learning Impact Awards phase 2: Teaching experts – academically led
  • Research informed

  • Evidence-based

  • Discipline-denominated

  • Design driven

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Teaching Hero Awards
Learning Impact wards phase 1: Teaching Heroes – student led
  • Driven by students with support and guidance from forum

  • Deeply qualitative in nature with important lessons

  • Celebratory and congratulatory

  • Broad in reach

  • Shedding further light on students’ experiences and definitions of excellent teaching in higher education

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