Connecting the DOTS – Developmental Opportunities in Transitions for Students

University College Cork , United States

Learning Objectives • Understand brain development in the context of current undergraduate students in higher education settings • Consider the risks and opportunities of contemporary socio-cultural contexts relating to student learning and life • Identify practical strategies for enhanced student success and the development of graduate attributes through consideration of developmentally appropriate scaffolding in curriculum…

Showcasing a Tiered Public Health Occupational Therapy Approach to Supporting Student Participation, Health, Wellbeing and Success in Higher Education

University College Cork , United States

Learning Objectives • Understand the role of occupational therapists in higher education settings • Understand the Healthy Campus Charter • Understand the tiered public health occupational therapy approach to supporting student participation, health, wellbeing and success *This event was deferred from the 2019/20 National Seminar Series

Launch of Brainpower Digital Badge

University College Cork , United States

Dr Eithne Hunt hosts the Brainpower showcase and launch of the Brainpower digital badge. Bookended by puberty and culturally defined adult roles, scientists and researchers now agree that adolescence extends from age 10-24 years. To realise student success, higher education institutions must take into account that the majority of their undergraduate students are still adolescents,…

Curricular Approaches to Wellbeing in Higher Education

Learning Objectives To describe the main recommendations of the National Forum USI "Embedding Wellbeing in the Curriculum" report To describe key components of selected initiatives being showcased during the seminar To identify opportunities that exist within current curricular offerings to incorporate wellbeing Click here to register