Creating immersive & interactive audio visual environments using new digital technologies in lens-based media production


Learning Outcome To gain knowledge and understanding about workflow from planning, to production, and post-production, towards the installation of a video projection mapped artwork for a professional gallery installation and/or outdoor environments To become skilled, knowledgeable and self-sufficient in producing a large scale audio-visual immersive environments, for indoor and outdoor presentations To develop skills and…

Embedding threshold concepts in curriculum design


Learning Outcomes: Describe the pedagogic principles that underpin Threshold Concepts Outline the key attributes associated with Threshold Concepts and their application within disciplines Identify activities that embed the principles of Threshold Concepts into day to day teaching Discuss approaches for incorporating Threshold Concept into teaching and learning Eventbrite registration link

Developing Teaching Portfolios

Limerick Institute of Technology

Learning Outcomes: Examine how Teaching Portfolios can play a key role in constructing your Professional Identity Identify the resources and approaches used in creating a Teaching Portfolio Discuss approaches on how to incorporate Teaching Portfolios into your teaching practice to become a critically reflective teacher Outline some tools and resources used for creating and developing…

Enhancing Student Engagement Through Technology Enhanced Learning

Limerick Institute of Technology

Learning Objectives • Provide an overview of the opportunities afforded for student engagement through Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) • Present research findings which demonstrate the relationship between positive integration of technology enhanced learning and student engagement • Facilitate a self-evaluation audit for staff of their own current capacity around the use of TEL and Virtual…

Supporting Writing: How Supervisors Can Support Doctoral Students to Write-up

Limerick Institute of Technology

Learning Objectives • Implement strategies for providing writing feedback to students • Diagnose common problems that need to be resolved in the final draft • Provide support for the emotional challenges of writing up • Offer advice on writing productivity to doctoral students

Active Learning Strategies – A Travel and Tourism Programme Perspective

Learning Objectives To give an overview of the the current travel and tourism programmes available in Ireland To assess the viability of delivering a travel and tourism programme fully online in Ireland To recognise if there is demand to deliver such a programme in Ireland To ascertain the skill set required to teach a travel…