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NutriPD Seminar: Empowering Leaders in the Nutrition Profession-with a focus on competency-based assessment in nutrition education

15th December 2020

Learning Objectives

  • Critically discuss the use of competency-based assessment in nutrition and nutrition-related courses. Reflect and implement learnings from competency-based assessment in Dietetic-based programmes
  • Understand the role NutriPD are playing in the progression of the nutrition profession in Ireland and their findings so far
  • Discuss how to become a member of the Association for Nutrition (AfN) with an emphasis on portfolio submissions and how to transfer from ANutr to RNutr status
  • Outline possible career pathways for nutritionists in Ireland, with a focus on academia, research and industry opportunities
  • Learn how to effectively use Twitter as a nutritionist to get evidence-based information to the public and raise awareness of AfN registered nutritionists as qualified professionals for seeking nutrition advice