Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund

The third phase of the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund. The call maintains a focus on collaboration for national impact while also enabling capacity building at a local level. The fund builds on and develops the completed and ongoing work from phases 1 and 2.

Following the assessment of the proposals submitted in response to the call of the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund 2015 (Building Digital Capacity), click below for the proposals awarded project funding

The first review of all projects funded under the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund 2014 took place in an open forum on June 23rd 2015. Click below for more details.

Objectives & Priorities

The objectives and priorities of the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund reflect and support the enhancement and transformation agenda that is being pursued at both a national and a European level. The Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund is used strategically to optimise the synergies and scope that can be enabled by strong sectoral collaboration, or partnerships for maximum national impact. In particular the fund supports building digital capacity across the sector

The roadmap for building digital capacity in Irish higher education Teaching and Learning in Higher Education; A roadmap for enhancement in a digital world 2015-2017 articulates a strong vision for building digital capacity which includes the following four key recommendations:

Recommendation 1: Prioritise the strategic development of digital capacity in institutional and national policy and quality frameworks in a way that supports
innovation for impact.

Recommendation 2: Strengthen and support collaboration within and between institutions, and with different parts of the higher education sector; develop shared policies and infrastructure that reflect the complexity of an increasingly digital world.

Recommendation 3: Develop a consistent, seamless and coherent digital experience for students in Irish higher education and actively engage with students and teachers to develop their digital skills and knowledge.

Recommendation 4: Develop a strong evidence base for enhanced pedagogy.

The Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund supports sectoral developments that address these recommendations.