The post of Senior Manager is a senior managerial grade in the HEA/IRC/National Forum and is a critical post in terms of ensuring quality service to the HEA/IRC/National Forum and its key stakeholders.

The nature of the Senior Manager role will vary depending on the section in which the vacancy arises. In general, a Senior Manager can expect to be involved in leading and motivating teams of people, managing and delivery of funding programmes, analysis and implementation of policy and managing stakeholders. The specific duties for this role are outlined below.

Senior Managers are key participants in the senior management of the HEA/IRC/National Forum with a critical role in funding, monitoring, governance oversight and implementing Government policy for the higher education and research system. They will play a central role in driving organisational change and are ideally placed to make a significant contribution to shaping the future of the HEA/IRC/National Forum. They report to a Principal Officer but will also advise and interact with other senior management.