Selecting Online Alternatives to Common Assessment Methods

While some assessment components do not need significant adjustment in the move to online (including at-distance) learning, others require some additional thought and may need to be replaced/significantly adjusted. The National Forum conducted a review of assessment practices across Irish higher education in 2016, exploring 487 modules and 1260 separate assessments across 30 programmes of study. This review highlighted the most commonly used assessment methods across the sector. In support of the move to online assessment, this resource provides some indication of the kind of modifications that could be made for these common assessments. It is not an exhaustive list, but we hope it may be helpful in considering some of the available options

Collaborative Resource Sharing

In support of our higher education community, and to help everyone work together, we have created a spreadsheet of links to useful online teaching resources. This is an interactive resource and we welcome additions that you think may be useful to your colleagues across the sector. We are also curating other useful resources for the…

10 Points to Consider in Choosing Alternative Assessment Methods for the Online Environment

For COVID-19 Coronavirus Contingency Planning

Students can learn through many different but equitable assessment methods. An alternative online assessment is not a lesser form of assessment, but a different assessment to achieve the same aim. Some of the following ideas are worth considering in the design of alternative assessment methods for the online environment to ensure the quality and equity of the assessment

Focus on Assessment

A number of ‘Focus On’ document resources have been created as part of the Crannóg project. These resources curate existing materials into short “what you need to know”-style briefs on key topics in Leading in Teaching and Learning.