Webinar: What is the Future for the Assessment of Learning through Final Examinations? Part 2

Building on the Part 1 on 06 May 2021, this webinar continues the national conversation about the future for the assessment of learning through final examinations. In this webinar, we share a range of examples showcasing alternative assessments to exams. We explore the theme of assessment for engagement, and hear perspectives from students and staff, senior managers and other stakeholders. We consider the implications of continuing with final exams, and in particular online exams which require proctoring.

Webinar: What is the Future for the Assessment of Learning through Final Examinations? Part 1

Few areas of teaching and learning were more under the spotlight in recent months than assessment. Across institutional communities, the experience of selecting and designing alternative assessments had a number of impacts on attitudes and intentions for the future. This webinar shared and debated a range of perspectives from students, staff, senior managers and other stakeholders on assessment of learning through a final examination.

Webinar: The INDEx Survey: A Challenging and Rewarding Journey

On 25 November 2020, the National Forum hosted a webinar ‘Implementing the INDEx Survey: National and international collaboration, and looking to the future’. The webinar was chaired by Oliver Janoschka, director of Hochshulforum Digitalisierung (HFD). Terry Maguire and Catherine Cronin described key lessons learned by the National Forum after the implementation of the INDEx Survey in 2019-20 (as described in the recent briefing paper). An esteemed panel of guest speakers, Georgi Dimitrov (European Commission), Christien Bok (SURF) and Florian Rampelt (HFD), reflected on these lessons in a broader European digital education context, particularly in relation to the recently published Digital Education Action Plan 2021-2027.

Work-based Assessment: Getting to Grips with Policies and Practices

This event builds on learning from conversations that have taken place during and around the series’ preceding webinars and provides an opportunity to consider actions for sectoral change. It draws together international and national experts, key resources, case studies and uses a series of interactive approaches to interrogate this topic across the range of different work-based learning contexts.

Work-based Assessment Webinar “Exploring the Challenge of Consistency”

“Exploring the Challenge of Consistency ” is the second Work-based Assessment (WBA) webinar brought to you by the National Forum and partner, QQI. During the first webinar some main key challenges were identified by the participants, i.e. consistency/reliability, feedback, authenticity. The most common theme identified was consistency and reliability in the work experience context.

This webinar from the WBA partnership explores what is meant by the term ‘consistency’ in work-based assessment. It examines if the causes of inconsistency differ in the varied placement contexts. Attendees also explore what are student experiences of consistency and also considers how the sector addresses the area of consistency going forward, initial thoughts.

The third event in the 2020 Work-based Assessment event series will be a national symposium focused on Practice and Policies – Actions for Sectoral Change which takes place on line on 19 November 2020.