The Erasmus+ DELTA Scholarship is a new opportunity to engage with the existing Erasmus+ mobility programme for staff in higher education.

DELTA stands for Disciplinary Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Assessment and is a core concept of the work of the National Forum. This initiative is the result of a partnership between the National Forum and the Higher Education Authority, building on the success of the existing Erasmus+ mobility programmes. The Erasmus+ DELTA Scholarship focuses on supporting the professional development of staff in Irish higher education, with a particular focus on the enhancement of teaching and learning within and between disciplines.

The Erasmus+ DELTA Scholarship provides:

  • an opportunity for staff in higher education to enhance their professional development through a training period in another European country.
  • national recognition, as Erasmus+ DELTA Scholars, for those who complete the mobility period and come back and share their learning.
  • an opportunity to enhance teaching and learning within and between disciplines.
  • a structure to allow staff to share good practice within and between disciplines at home and abroad.

Steps involved in becoming an Erasmus+ DELTA Scholar:

  1. Complete the Erasmus+ DELTA mobility application form (available from your international office or you can download it here), indicating how you intend to enhance your learning and that of others within your discipline through the mobility period.
    (Note: The Erasmus+ DELTA mobility only covers training mobility periods. In this case, training can include job shadowing, peer observation, and other forms of training that are intended to help you learn and share learning within your discipline.)
  2. Submit the completed form to the international office in your institution.
  3. If the mobility is approved, partake in the mobility period and achieve the targets you set for enhancement within your discipline.
  4. On your return, share your learning with colleagues and other interested parties.
  5. To complete your Erasmus+ mobility process, complete the standard online Erasmus+ feedback form.
    (More information from your international office)
  6. To claim your national recognition, in the form of a National Forum digital badge, as an Erasmus+ DELTA Scholar, complete the online form below.
    (Note: In completing this online form, you will be required to upload a copy of your completed mobility application form.)

If you are an international officer in a higher education institution, you can find more detail on the process involved here.