Waterford Institute of Technology Local Enhancement Projects

The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
Waterford Institute of Technology

Primary Contact
Laura Widger

Initiative Budget


Initiative Type


This T&L initiative is aligned with the WIT Strategic objective to develop a Centre for Teaching and Learning Research (Action 9, WIT Strategic Plan 2018-2021). Funding will be used to support a series of local enhancements projects (LEPs) as part of the establishment of a Centre for Teaching and Learning Research. LEPs can be innovative but risk having a limited impact outside of the main module team. WIT aims to maximise the impact of each LEP by ensuring they are supported to have a peer reviewed academic output which will be disseminated both internally and in relevant publications and/or conference presentations.

The funding for initiative type 1 will be used to support following phases:

Phase 1: Establishment of good practice in supporting teaching and learning research

The aim of this phase is to design a call for funding to enhance teaching and learning through LEPs which are aligned with WIT strategy, key institutional priorities and the strategy for the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning. This phase will involve site visits and a review of good practice in other institutions, both nationally and internationally, in supporting teaching and learning research.

Phase 2: Launch of call for Learning Innovation Projects

The aim of the second phase is to support a series of LEPs to enhance teaching and learning. Staff that have had limited engagement in teaching and learning research will be encouraged to participate and work as a team on key institutional teaching and learning priorities.