University of Limerick Learning Enhancement Projects

The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
University of Limerick

Primary Contact
Mary Fitzpatrick

Initiative Budget


Initiative Type


An open call was sent to all university staff for applications for this funding within three potential budget categories: ≤€10,000, ≤€5,000 and ≤€3,000, allowing for flexibility within these categories and within the overall LEP funding allocated. Twenty three submissions were received focusing on a diverse range of innovations and initiatives across the University.

The proposals were evaluated, in the first instance, against the criteria of the call including the strategic priorities of the National Forum. Their alignment with University of Limerick’s strategic priorities was also a key criteria.

In order to ensure that as many projects could be progressed within the institution, proposals were also reviewed in light of those larger projects funded within type 2-4 proposals, in a bid to encourage engagement with those funded projects, if appropriate.

Some submissions aligned well with the requirements of the recently funded ‘Enhancing digital capacity in Teaching and Learning in Higher Universities’, and so these will be progressed and supported within that particular project.

The CTL will retain approx. €6,000 for two bespoke inter-institutional initiatives:

1. A Shannon Consortium* conference on Learning and Teaching to showcase all projects funded within this call for funding across the three partner institutions
2. Development of the resources and artefacts emerging from a newly established community of practice on Effective Assessment in collaboration with DCU

*The Shannon Consortium is a regional higher education partnership which was established in 2007, and comprises of the University of Limerick, Mary Immaculate College and Limerick Institute of Technology.