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University College Dublin

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Judith Archbold

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Our experience of rolling-out seed-funding schemes in the past has informed our approach. Under this T&L Learning Enhancement Project funding, we will initiate a consultative process with a wide cross-section of staff and students through town-hall style meetings and online discussion within our Google+ T&L Community. Our overall goal is to ensure that an authentic list of ‘top’ themes or issues that could be a focus of small-scale, time-bound enhancement initiative are identified and that concrete ideas for achievable LEPs, linked to these ‘top’ themes are produced.

To encourage wide-spread engagement beyond the usual suspects, an allocation of LEP funds will be ring-fenced for each of our six Colleges. A further allocation will be ring-fenced to support initiatives that fall outside the College structures, such as initiatives from support units and cross-disciplinary projects.

Promotional materials will be developed and communicated locally with assistance from our Vice Principals and School Heads of Teaching and Learning.

Drawing on the outputs from the consultation process, the funding call will include concrete ideas for achievable LEPs with guidance on typical items of expenditure. Support in the form of a resource or workshop, aligned to top LEP themes, could be developed by T&L unit and offered to those involved in learning enhancement projects across the university.

We will encourage team applications and partnership with students. Examples of how students could be engaged as active partners in developing and shaping the LEP will be provided in the funding call guidelines.