Transitioning to e-Assessment in Mathematics Education

The Project Team

Project Lead
University College Cork

Project Partners
Cork Institute of Technology

Primary Contact

Dr. Tom Carroll
University College Cork


The TEAME project leveraged the potential of Numbas, an online assessment tool originating at the University of Newcastle, to construct localised formative e-assessment for first year mathematics and statistics courses. While online assessment can offer the advantages of instant feedback and workload efficiency, it was recognised as problematic within mathematics and related subjects due to the necessity to use symbols, fractions and powers and various kinds of notation to which existing software was not always suited.

The TEAME project focused on the implementation and evaluation of the NUMBAS mathematics e-assessment tool within the Irish context and the development and publication of an implementation guide for policy makers and practitioners. Numbas is now embedded within mathematics and statistics modules, as well as modules in related subject areas, in the partner institutions. E-assessment in mathematics, in the form of Numbas, has grown significantly at UCC and CIT thanks to this project, with other higher education institutions in Ireland and abroad learning from the experience of this project.


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