Entrepreneurial Education in the Liberal Arts

The Project Team

Project Lead
Mary Immaculate College

Primary Contact
Dr Maeve Liston
Mary Immaculate College


The project is led by Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick and is being completed in collaboration with:

·      Mid-West Enterprise Plan

·      Mid-West Regional Skills Forum

·      Smart Limerick – Limerick Digital Leaders Network

·      Paul Partnership Limerick (Social Enterprise)

·      University of Notre Dame, Australia

The project will explore connections and encourage dialogue between the liberal arts and entrepreneurship. Having an entrepreneurial mindset is beneficial to all, allowing those who develop it to be more creative, innovative and self-confident in whatever they undertake.

Entrepreneurship gives practical expression to liberal arts insofar as it shares the values of the liberal arts: commitment to self-expression, debate, creativity, problem solving, civic engagement, and social responsibility. Our project will

•       Explore the entrepreneurial values, needs and motivations of both staff and students across the Liberal Arts;

•       Explore how the Liberal Arts can intersect with the entrepreneurial needs of social and commercial enterprise;

•       Scope a future vision for the development of creative, innovative and entrepreneurial teaching and learning initiatives in the Liberal Arts;

•       Support a culture of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation in the Liberal Arts.


Project Review (October 2019)

Project Work Plan

Project Work Plan Template