Street Law

A module to enhance the transferable skills of law students through a digitally resourced and digitally supported module in community legal education (undergraduate law students teaching second level students)

The Project Team

Project Lead
Letterkenny Institute of Technology

Project Partners
Trinity College Dublin
National University of Ireland Galway

Primary Contact
Anne Burke
Letterkenny Institute of Technology


The Street Law project involves teaching practical law to grassroots audiences using interactive teaching methodologies. The trainers (law students) develop professional and other transferable skills, while post-primary students are introduced to legal information in an engaging and interactive way. The introduction of the Street Law module, grounded in digital resources, represented a new departure in undergraduate legal pedagogy in Ireland and simultaneously created the space for collaboration between higher education institutions and their communities. A digital platform was developed to support learning and an interactive blog, including discussion forum, was created by learners to facilitate reflective and enhanced learning. Delivery on a national scale was facilitated by the development of digital resources to support the implementation of the programme.


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Project Review (November 2019)