Professional Growth for Equity, Sustainability and Success

The Project Team

Project Lead
Letterkenny Institute of Technology

Primary Contact

Dr Eílis Flanagan
Teaching and Learning Researcher,
Letterkenny Institute of Technology


The aim of the PROGRESS project is to develop a professional development plan for all teaching staff at Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT). The project aims to develop a sustainable approach to continuous professional development aligned to the National Professional Development Framework for All Staff who Teach in Higher Education. First, the project will identify the professional development priorities for all teaching staff and explore the opportunities and barriers to effective professional development. We will explore these priorities from the perspectives of discipline-specific and career-specific professional development pathways. Secondly, we will investigate how to build capacity for professional development through the three pillars of: (1) professional development in practice, (2) professional development for practice and (3) creating a community of practice.

Supporting student engagement is at the core of our professional development planning. Our approach involves survey, Case Study and interview. Project outputs include: (1) an evidence-based Professional Development Plan for LYIT and (2) a model (including resources and frameworks) for designing and implementing a professional development plan. This model can be adopted by Higher Education Institutions wishing to develop a professional development plan and is adaptable to local context and institutional priorities.


Project Review (June 2019)

Project Work Plan

Project Work Plan Template