National University of Ireland Galway Local Enhancement Projects

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National University of Ireland Galway

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Iain MacLaren

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This development opportunity will be promoted to all Schools, Colleges, Disciplines, and Programmes across the institution by the Office of the Registrar & Deputy President. Examples of possible types of T&L initiative will be provided but it will also be stressed that we are seeking innovative approaches and that those who are successful will be part of a local ‘community of practice’ and provided with some support from the Centre for Excellence in Learning & Teaching.

Proposals will be submitted via a simple online application form, with a deadline of November 22nd 2019, and reviewed by a panel established for this purpose by the Registrar and which will include representation from CELT and the Students’ Union.

The decision on which projects to fund will be based on the criteria above and on perceived impact, the potential overall spread/coverage of disciplines, and sustainability. If the number of applications received is extremely high, Colleges may be asked to rank order proposals from their disciplines.