Maynooth University Local Enhancement Projects

The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
Maynooth University

Primary Contact
Una Crowley

Initiative Budget


Initiative Type


This Learning Enhancement Project funding will:

1. Establish a Learning Enhancement Initiative (LEI) to support smaller-scale teaching & learning (T&L) initiatives. The LEI will support ground-up innovation, with a focus on making one change and doing it well that will make a difference for student learning. The LEI will target new staff and staff who have not received T&L funding previously. Staff-student partnership enhancement initiatives will be particularly encouraged.

2. Establish a Disciplinary/Interdisciplinary Team Based T&L Fellowships Initiative (extending the MU T&L Fellowship Scheme). These initiatives will be larger in scale and will focus on sustainable T&L innovation or development within a single programme or within a particular year of a programme. Fellowship initiatives must be designed around an element of the DELTA Framework.

Support will be provided through:

• Meet-up events where individuals/teams interested in applying for funding can discuss ideas with CTL staff and others
• Fellowship Peer Mentoring Scheme bringing together current and previous Fellowship recipients. In addition to offering encouragement and support, the aim is to support capacity building, and capitalise on learning from previous initiatives
• A TIF2019 group will be established to provide a support network for funding recipients

The Meet-Ups will provide an opportunity to get support, talk out ideas, and generally share how initiatives are going. This will be supplemented with an MS Office Teams space. The TIF2019 will, in addition to offering support, provide a forum to promote coherence across all the elements of TIF.