Developing a Professional Development Framework to promote, acknowledge and evidence Teaching and Learning professional development activities for staff at a disciplinary level (Engineering) within an institute of technology.

The Project Team

Project Lead
Dublin Institute of Technology

Project Partners
Institute of Technology Blandardstown
Institute of Technology Tallaght

Primary Contact
Jen Harvey
Dublin Institute of Technology


The Levitus project sought to bring all stakeholders involved in engineering education within three institutions together to talk about and reflect upon professional development within their discipline and to look at ways in which they might best be supported and their professional development enhanced. Evidence was built on the professional development needs of engineers and small-scale professional development initiatives were funded across the partner institutions. A conceptual framework for the engineering community for thinking about professional development was then developed and aligned to the National Professional Development Framework, so that there is now a clear path articulated for professional development as an ‘engineer’ through teaching and learning activities. The intention is that this model will be recognized by professional bodies, and more widely across institutions and the subject disciplines. This conceptual framework will be published on this page when finalised.


Final Project Review (December 2018)