IT Tralee Local Enhancement Projects

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IT Tralee

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Tom Farrelly

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Recognising that one of the key elements of enhancing teaching and learning strategies is the creation and maintenance of a supportive culture, this T&L initiative will support the establishment of a number of learning community teams.

The call will invite potential participants to submit an application that includes the identification and justification of a small project that they believe can have a positive impact on teaching and learning within the institute. Once established, a project coordinator will provide support to the learning community teams; acting as a conduit between the teams in order to share best practice as the project develops.

The purpose of establishing the community learning teams is twofold. Firstly, they will provide a professional development vehicle for participants, around which they can organise and enhance their knowledge and secondly, they will help form the basis for sustained communities of practice that the institute can draw upon and support. The establishment of the teams will aid in the identification of T&L issues that are generated by staff and students and thus assist with the formulation of annual training and development plans.

An important aspect of sustainability and accessing ongoing support of the projects is that they are consistent with the institute’s strategic goals. The establishment of the teams is consistent with goal four: Fellowship and Inclusivity of the institute’s strategic development plan, providing as it does a vehicle for collegiate engagement around a particular aspect of teaching and learning.