Irish Engineering Graduates Advancing Global Manufacturing Competitiveness: Design Simulation for the Process Industries

The Project Team

Project Lead
University College Dublin

Project Partners
Cork Institute of Technology
Dublin City University
Dublin Institute of Technology
University College Cork
University of Limerick.

Primary Contact
Dr Eoin Casey
University College Dublin


For chemical engineering, one of the cornerstones of the curriculum is the ‘design project’, which encompasses ab initio process development, design, scale-up and optimisation. The ‘ChemE’ project focused on the development of novel, shared, vertically-structured sets of digital learning objects and tools, integrating theory, experiment and simulation, across different core modules of the undergraduate chemical engineering curriculum across partner institutions. All learning tools and objects are housed on an online platform and have now been embedded in related programmes in partner institutions. The digital resources allow the student experience to be enhanced as students have an opportunity to develop their understanding of tools and processes before coming to class so that class time can be used more productively. Students also have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of processes and tools to which they would not previously have had access.


Final Project Review (November 2017)