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Recruit prison officer education, capacity building on the Higher Certificate in Custodial Care

The Project Team

Project Lead
Waterford Institute of Technology

Project Partners
Irish Prison Service

Primary Contact

Fionnuala Brennan
Waterford Institute of Technology

Julie McCafferty
Irish Prison Service College


The aim of this project is to enhance teaching and learning capacity on the Higher Certificate of Arts in Custodial Care (HCCC).  The programme is co-designed and co-delivered by the Irish Prison Service College and Waterford Institute of Technology and prepares Recruit prison officers for their careers with the Irish Prison Service.  A prison is a complex and dynamic environment which has the potential to be stressful for both prisoners and staff.  The programme delivery therefore presents a unique context and set of challenges.

The project aims to support teaching staff in developing their professional roles as educators, alongside existing identities as professional prison officers, criminologists, psychologists etc., by developing knowledge, skills and competencies in teaching, assessment and curriculum design.  The overarching aim is to empower students in their learning, both on the programme and beyond.  The project has identified three key actions in order to meet these outcomes:

  • Provide professional development opportunities to staff working on the programme
  • Co-create, with students, sustainable teaching and learning resources
  • Create an induction package for new teaching staff

It is anticipated that through these activities, a community of practice will emerge to strengthen and sustain the programme and its team.


Project Review (October 2019)

Project Work Plan

Project Work Plan Template