Enabling Innovative Teaching and Learning practices within the core discipline areas in the School of Business

The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
Waterford Institute of Technology

Primary Contact
Prof. Denis Harrington & Mr. Ger Long

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This initiative seeks to engage staff and students in developing a tactical plan for innovative T&L in the School of Business. It will identify examples of past, current and prospective innovative teaching and learning practice in the School of Business and enable future innovative capacity within the School.

A preliminary examination of existing documentation across the core discipline areas in the School has already revealed over 30 instances of past innovative practice. The theme headings below were used for categorisation purposes:

• Engaging T&L Approaches
• Learning in a Digital World
• The Learning Environment
• Making Connections and Collaborations
• Assessment
• Supporting Students in Transition

Examples included: Integrated modules / assessment, ‘live’ projects, writing labs, the use of learning apps, finance & marketing labs, blended learning, live case studies, network development, first year induction and mentoring. However, while these initiatives are visible, there is much more happening on the ground which is currently not visible.

This initiative aims to:

• Interview staff to uncover and categorise examples of current innovative teaching and learning practice to provide a comprehensive, tacit record of practice
• Consult students on their experience of innovative teaching practice and its impact on their learning
• Facilitate an off-site Teaching and Learning Innovation Workshop with all School of Business staff which will act as a catalyst for future teaching and learning innovation. The workshop will showcase examples of recent innovative T&L best practice and identify, classify and prioritise opportunities for future innovation projects across the discipline areas