Developing CAPITAL (Curriculum Advancement for Psychology in Teaching, Assessment and Learning)

The Initative Team

Initiative Lead
Mary Immaculate College

Primary Contact
Dr Suzanne Egan

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The purpose of this T&L initiative is to enhance curricular developments in the field of psychology that build on the strong elements of teaching, learning, and assessment that are already present in our existing programmes.

The project aims to:

1. Embed new, innovative and evidence-based practices in the teaching, learning, and assessment of psychology
2. Review assessment within the context of programme assessment so that assessments workload are manageable for both students and staff
3. Facilitate stronger continuity between discipline-specific learning experiences and professional practice in the field of psychology
4. Embed research-led teaching, the integration of research practices into teaching and learning, and the development of student research skills
5. Enhance the curriculum with digital technologies central to teaching and learning activities to support the development of digital literacy skills for staff and students

Implementation of this project will involve input from the full range of stakeholders in teaching and learning in psychology. These include representatives from the Department of Psychology, professional services, members of the Learning Enhancement & Academic Development Centre, students, senior management, and external experts in psychological pedagogy. The proposed project will enable the department and the programme design team to engage with the Disciplinary Excellence in Learning Teaching and Assessment (DELTA) framework, in order to take a coherent and structured approach to the curriculum design.