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Marese Bermingham

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Since 2014, the Teaching and Learning Unit (TLU) at CIT has developed a number of Institute wide T&L initiatives designed to enhance the educational experience of students and the professional development of staff. Specifically, we have supported projects across multiple departments, schools and faculties with over 100 education-based development projects funded since 2015. These initiatives have recently led to the inception of 12 Learning Communities (LC) in CIT involving 80 staff members across 15 departments. These metrics clearly shows a strong and vibrant active community of T&L engaged staff and students.

Through this strand, we wish to fund up to 12 projects from applicants who have up to this point not engaged with T&L style initiatives. We are particularly interested in funding initiatives that focus on student centeredness and staff/student partnership. These will run in parallel with those projects which are funded annually by the TLU and usually undertaken by experienced T&L practitioners (on average n=25 per year).

We propose to do this by launching an open call in 2020 for previously unfunded applicants and we will recruit 12 experienced ambassadors to mentor these new applicants once selected. The projects must be in line with the DELTA framework where each application must be relatable to at least one pillar.

To assist these new applicants, we will also make available our repository of previously funded projects (n = 100). This will facilitate idea generation and ensure that we receive achievable proposals.