Collaborative Knowledge Exchange for Learning Impact

The Project Team

Project Lead
National University of Ireland, Galway

Project Partners
Dublin City University
University of Limerick
Mary Immaculate College

Primary Contact
Michelle Tooher
NUI Galway


The Crannóg project worked with those in senior leadership positions in higher education institutions, such as heads of school/department and deans, to build capacity in leadership in relation to teaching, learning, and building digital capacity and capability. In addition to networking lunches, workshops, meetings, and bespoke resources and communications, the project saw middle managers being mentored by students in the use of new technologies to support learning and in the priorities of students in the digital age. To support these activities, the project developed a range of digital resources, all of which were classified according to the key topic headings proposed by the project participants. These are available through the project website.


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Project Review (March 2018)