All Aboard!

Enabling & Empowering Staff & Students to Flourish in the Digital Age

The Project Team

Project Lead
National University of Ireland, Galway
Project Partners
University of Limerick
Mary Immaculate College
University College Dublin

Primary Contact
Dr Iain MacLaren
National University of Ireland, Galway


All Aboard set out to develop a national framework for digital skills. Informed by an extensive review of all existing digital skills and digital literacies frameworks, this national framework was modelled on a metro map, including ‘stations’ and ‘lines’. All Aboard is a simple conceptualisation of the variety of digital skills people might need to support enhanced teaching and learning, the categories the skills fall into, and how various digital skills relate to each other. The project aimed to empower learners, teachers, and anyone who uses technology to support their work, their study, or other aspects of living in a digital age. The framework is supplemented by a collection of open digital badges, each associated with a particular digital skill. The National Digital Skills Framework, along with its digital badges, has attracted attention from other levels of education and in other sectors of society, both in Ireland and internationally.


Final Project Review (April 2017)