Aligning Maynooth University’s Accredited T&L Programmes with the National PD Framework

Partner Institutions

Project Lead: Maynooth University


This project will support the review and re-design of Maynooth University’s (MU) existing accredited provision in Teaching and Learning ? the Professional Certificate in Teaching and Learning for Tutors and Demonstrators (CTL1), and the Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (PGDHE) – to align with the National Forum’s National Professional Development Framework for all Staff who Teach in Higher Education (PD framework).

The re-designed curricula will place emphasis on supporting participants to develop a professional teaching and learning portfolio that may be used to evidence progress in relation to the framework’s five domains.

Key deliverables

Review and alignment of MU’s existing provision:

Audit of existing accredited/non-accredited offerings to establish current alignment with the PD framework.

Full redesign of CTL1/PGDHE to ensure alignment with the PD framework, to include revised programme learning outcomes (PLOs), revised module learning outcomes (MLOs), revised curriculum outlines and the compilation of a Mapping Report.

The review and re-design process will employ a programme team-based approach, involving key teaching contributors. ? The re-designed programmes will consider CPD as a developmental journey from CTL1, through the PGDHE, and via progression to a potential new Master’s option. They will also incorporate opportunities for participants to develop and demonstrate competencies across all five domains of the framework. PD Framework Alignment Toolkit

This will: a) Provide templates and guidance to HEIs who wish to map and redesign existing offerings in line with the framework; and b) Support individuals to map existing and planned accredited formal and non-formal CPD to the framework.

The toolkit will be supported by a set of five use case examples that demonstrate how: a) MU mapped and redesigned its programmes; and b) Individuals in different professional roles and at differing career stages might align existing and planned CPD with the framework

Primary Contact(s)

Una Crowley

Maynooth University