The emergence of digital technologies and learning on the open web has created unique opportunities in higher education as well as a new set of policy-related challenges and considerations for teaching and learning.

The National Forum’s Enabling Policies for Digital Teaching and Learning project (2017-18) aimed to build awareness and capacity in policy development for digital teaching and learning across Irish higher education. Following extensive research and consultation across the sector, the project resulted in a review of the existing higher education policy landscape for digital teaching and learning in Ireland and a guide to developing enabling policies for digital teaching and learning. Both resources are designed to assist those developing policies to do so in a way that is mindful of what is important to students, those who teach, and the institution, and also what is achievable in practice.

Bringing this work forward in 2019, a series of regional policy workshops was held in order to provide fora for those engaged in institutional policy development with respect to digital and open teaching and learning to discuss and share challenges and aims, to explore resources, and to consider approaches relevant to their own contexts. The overall focus has been on policymaking approaches that are enabling, inclusive and responsive across all aspects: policy elements, core processes and partners, consideration of risks and benefits, policy implementation and review.

In 2020, a national event will be hosted by the National Forum, prior to publication of an updated resource: Developing Enabling Policies for Digital and Open Teaching and Learning.