A national webinar series has been announced by the National Forum to take place throughout 2021, providing guidance and sharing good practice on topics of particular importance in the current context.

Webinars will be organised from March to June across topics of relevance to institutional communities as they navigate change and leverage what has been learned since 2020 to prepare for an enhanced future for teaching and learning. In October, a partnership event between the National Forum and the HEA will then focus on how to enable student success more broadly within our altered contexts.

All webinars will take a national perspective while drawing upon the collective knowledge and experience across institutions. National and international experts will make contributions and the webinars will involve informing/sharing key resources designed to enhance future thinking and practice.

The following is an overview of the national webinar series.

Date Event
26 March, 2021



Webinar: Using OER and OEP for Teaching and Learning

The potential benefits of using open educational resources and practices (OER and OEP) in higher education include improving access, furthering equity and enhancing teaching, learning and assessment. This webinar shared a range of materials and guidance designed to build capacity in OER and OEP in Irish higher education. It also informed the ongoing development of an open course centred on the topic.

The recording for this webinar is available here.


15 April, 2021



Webinar: Building a Shared Understanding of Agile Curricula. Part 1

The concept of agile curricula has come to prominence in recent years, not least through the HEA’s recent Human Capital Initiative Pillar 3, which is set to see an investment of €197 million over the 5-year period, 2020 to 2024. Aligning with the significant related work on which institutions are now embarking, this webinar begins a national conversation on how we understand the concept of an agile curriculum and what can be learned and shared across related projects and initiatives at national level.

The recording for this webinar is available here.


6 May 2021




Webinar: What is the Future for the Assessment of Learning through Final Examinations? Part 1

Few areas of teaching and learning were more under the spotlight in recent months than assessment. Across institutional communities, the experience of selecting and designing alternative assessments had a number of impacts on attitudes and intentions for the future. This webinar shared and debated a range of perspectives from students, staff, senior managers and other stakeholders on assessment of learning through a final examination.

The recording for this webinar is available here.


28 May 2021



Webinar: What is the Future for the Assessment of Learning through Final Examinations? Part 2

Building on the Part 1 on 06 May 2021, this webinar continues the national conversation about the future for the assessment of learning through final examinations. In this webinar, we share a range of examples showcasing alternative assessments to exams. We explore the theme of assessment for engagement, and hear perspectives from students and staff, senior managers and other stakeholders. We consider the implications of continuing with final exams, and in particular online exams which require proctoring.

The recording for this webinar is available here.


10 June 2021




Webinar: Developing Enabling Policies for Digital and Open T&L

Policies related to digital teaching, learning and assessment, which had been developed in a different context, were suddenly road-tested by whole institutional communities in recent months. Topics such as lecture recordings, data protection, data privacy, copyright, intellectual property rights and digital wellbeing are relevant to all engaged in digital and open teaching and learning. This webinar will share guidance and resources on the development of enabling policies for digital and open teaching and learning to underpin enhanced practice.

Registration for this webinar is available here.


23 June 2021




Webinar: Building a Shared Understanding of Agile Curricula. Part 2

In this webinar, we present summary analysis of the contributions of speakers and participants at the first event in April 2021. Next, we will hear from four of the HCI Pillar 3 Project Leads and how they are developing agile curricula through their work. We will hear perspectives of employers and how these interact with the process of designing agile curricula in higher education in Ireland. We will conclude with a status update on the key themes emerging from both webinars, and how these will inform the upcoming National Forum Insight publication on agile curriculum and agree next steps on developing a national understanding of Agile curriculum.

Registration for this webinar is available here.


6 October 2021

Time TBD



Webinar: Transforming Teaching and Learning for Student Success

As we embark on the autumn semester, this webinar, organised in partnership with the HEA, will reflect on what has been learned through the pandemic context and will consider what this means for how the key enablers of student success can be strengthened across face-to-face, blended, and online/remote teaching and learning contexts. The webinar will include the launch of a toolkit to support the development of whole-of-institution strategies for student success, as well as sharing of good practice on this topic across the sector.

Registration will open in the weeks before the webinar.

Please mark your diaries for all the above events and follow our updates on Twitter for registration and further details throughout 2021.