Welcome to ORLA, the National Forum for Teaching and Learning’s Online Resource for Learning Analytics. This library has been developed as part of the Forums Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining for Learning Impact project (further details here). Whatever you want to know about Learning Analytics, ORLA should be able to help.

Whether you want to find out more about what Learning Analytics is, explore the key steps to developing an effective institutional strategy or if you’re a teacher and want to find out how to use data to give you further insight into your students’ learning, you should be able to find what you need by clicking the links below.

Learn more about Learning Analytics

What is Learning Analytics?

LA is a methodology that applies the principles of data analytics to student learning. Its aim is to provide accurate and actionable insights into the learning process through the exploration, modelling and aggregation of relevant data sources and to provide an evidence base for optimising the conditions in which learning can flourish.

Develop an Institutional Strategy

A checklist of questions that institutions should be able to answer in order to develop an effective long-term analytics strategy.

Clicking on each question will bring you a related resource/resources that will help you to determine the best answer for your institution, staff and students.

Resource for Teachers

Understanding Learning Analytics for Teachers

Case Studies

Lecturers who have used data to inform their modules

Full List of Resources

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