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What is the INDEx Survey?

The Irish National Digital Experience (INDEx) Survey was a national survey of the digital engagement, experiences and expectations of students and staff who teach in Irish higher education. The survey took place from 14 October through 1 December 2019 and was coordinated by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

INDEx Survey Participants

The INDEx Survey was designed for:

  • Students – all enrolled on taught programmes of study, both undergraduate and postgraduate (ages 18 and over)
  • Staff Who Teach – all staff who teach and all who support learning and teaching, e.g. lecturers, tutors, librarians, learning technologists, education developers, instructional designers, technicians, deans, middle and senior managers or administrators

32 Irish higher education institutions are participating in the INDEx Survey – this includes all universities, all technological higher education institutions, and several private colleges (see Institutions).