We are conscious that many of those who teach and learn in Irish higher education are currently facing new challenges in light of the recent closure of higher education institutions and the transfer of much teaching, learning and assessment online.

Following consultation with representatives across institutions, we have developed a number of targeted resources to ensure the best knowledge and expertise is underpinning decisions affecting student learning.

The interactive spreadsheet below contains links to useful online teaching, learning and assessment resources. Institutional representatives across the higher education community have been adding to this resource and we welcome additions that you think may be useful to your colleagues across the sector. We are also curating other useful resources for the list – you can find these on the second tab of the spreadsheet.

To view the collaborative spreadsheet, click here.

To add to the spreadsheet, click here.

Below are brief overviews on key topics, developed in partnership with national experts. Topics include: optimising online learning, making online learning inclusive and accessible and selecting appropriate assessment alternatives for the online environment.