The National Forum is currently compiling a panel of those with experience/expertise in relevant areas from across the Irish higher education sector. The panel will comprise those currently working or recently retired from the sector with teaching and learning and/or discipline-specific experience/expertise. Current undergraduate/postgraduate students from across the sector, who would like to share their experiences of learning in higher education, are also welcome to put their name forward for inclusion in the panel.

The National Forum will draw from this panel and invite those with the stated expertise/experience to consider supporting particular aspects of the Forum workplan over the coming years, as needs arise. If you would like to be included on this panel and are interested in the possibility of working with the National Forum, please complete the form below.

Those on the panel may be invited to contribute in a number of ways:

  • As part of the National Forum team for a limited period of time (The National Forum can support flexible, short-term, part- or full-time secondments based in the National Forum offices in Dublin or at a distance).
  • As a reviewer of early-stage project plans, Forum publications, reports, Forum insights, the Forum website, etc.
  • As a member of a National Forum advisory group, scoping group, feedback panel, committee, etc.

Please note: By completing this form your name will go on a panel list for the period to December 2021 and you may be contacted if opportunities arise aligning with your stated expertise/experience. All suitable panel candidates will be eligible for selection but, in the case of some roles, agreement and endorsement of the employer institution may be required. Final selection may involve an interview process.

If you have any queries about the panel, please contact