The National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, in partnership with the Union of Students in Ireland (USI), is currently looking to recruit new student associates from a number of higher education institutions (both USI affiliated and non-affiliated institutions) for the coming academic year, on a part-time paid basis.

Student Success Symposium, November 2019


Student associates support teaching and learning enhancement both within their institutions and at a national level by providing their views and opinions on higher education teaching and learning activities and developments. The student associates work collaboratively to bring a strong student voice, informed by their lived student experience, to national teaching and learning enhancement in higher education. In addition, student associates will contribute to National Forum projects including the Next Steps for Teaching and Learning: Moving Forward Together, a sectoral partnership project and VIT&L Week, as well as representing the student voice on National Forum funding applications and review panels. A key activity for the student assembly this year is to consult with students on the development of the post-2021 National Forum Strategy. At least one student associate will be recruited from each higher education institution with a vacancy. All currently registered students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, across all modes of study are welcome to apply. The student associate recruitment process will be mindful of the diversity of learners within the student population.

This is a part-time position, up to 25 hours per semester (to a maximum of 50 hours per academic year), at a rate of €14.09 per hour.

Your submission should be made by 17:00 on 22 September 2021. No late submissions will be accepted.

All queries related to this vacancy should be submitted to