MoodleMunch Buffet: Developing Digital Competences

Dublin City University Dublin, Ireland

Learning Objectives • Understand the broad structure of the European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators • Identify specific competences in different areas of the framework that you wish to develop • Appraise the suitability of Moodle approaches and plugins that help develop specific competences • Connect with fellow Moodle users and help form…

Remote Mini Ed-Hackathon

Dublin City University Dublin, Ireland

Learning Objectives • Identify digital technologies that can enhance learning and the student experience • Implement a challenge-based approach such as an educational hackathon in their module delivery • Critically consider the factors that promote remote engagement and learning

Students as Partners in Assessment

Dublin City University Dublin, Ireland

Learning Objectives • Describe and understand the concept of student partnership • Identify approaches and strategies to foster student partnership when it comes to assessment • Analyse student perspectives and issues in the context of student partnership • Plan and implement practical steps to begin fostering student partnership in assessment

Interactive Online Oral Assessments

Dublin City University Dublin, Ireland

Learning Objectives • Understand what is, and what is not, an interactive online oral assessment • Explore examples of interactive online oral assessments • Design a scaffolded assessment strategy to include interactive online oral component • Discuss how this approach can promote academic integrity and industry-ready graduates • Reflect on how interactive orals can replace…

Pedagogy for Higher Education Large Classes (PHELC)

Dublin City University Dublin, Ireland

The National Forum is delighted to support the 3rd symposium of Pedagogy for Higher Education Large Classes (PHELC), due to take place on 25 June 2021. This event, hosted by Dublin City University, aims to provide a platform for those teaching large classes in higher education contexts to share practice, experience and expertise. If governmental…

Building a Shared Culture of Academic Integrity

Learning Objectives Understand what is meant by a ‘culture of academic integrity’ Relate the steps taken in another jurisdiction to build a culture of academic integrity to the Irish context Appreciate the student perspective of academic integrity Plan to adopt and adapt the approaches shared within one’s own institution or context

Teaching, Learning and Assessment Approaches to Support Wellbeing

Learning Objectives Understand the concept of pedagogy of care Develop an appreciation of student wellbeing issues in higher education Appraise a variety of teaching, learning and assessment approaches that support wellbeing Plan to enhance one’s own teaching, learning and assessment approaches

HyFlex Delivery: What works, what doesn’t and what we couldn’t get going!

Learning Objectives Overview of different technical solutions for HyFlex delivery Insight into the logistics and management of HyFlex delivery Appreciation of the learner and lecturer feedback on HyFlex delivery This event is in collaboration with Dublin Business School, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, Technological University Dublin and Dublin City University. Click here to register

PHELC24 Symposium

The 6th PHELC Symposium will take place ONLINE on 7 June 2024, 11-2.30 Irish Summer Time (IST).  The focus of the symposium is on pedagogical practice in large classes in higher education. The symposium attracts presenters and attendees from around the world and provides a forum to share evidence based practice in relation to teaching,…