Learning Analytics Platform Guide

The information in this guide was submitted directly by interested vendors through a request
for information (RFI) that was issued internationally by the National Forum and HEAnet through
eTenders, the Irish Government’s tendering platform (Reference number: HEAnet_DESSI_
LearningAnalytics18). RFIs are standard business processes, through which suppliers and vendors
are asked to provide information on their products’ capabilities.

Individual vendors were not targeted. Rather, a general request was extended through eTenders,
inviting responses from self-selecting vendors that met a range of criteria, most notably that they
had already worked with HEIs in Europe to provide platforms that enabled analysis of data relating
to student engagement and success.

Vendors were asked to respond to a standardised set of questions relating to:
— User functionality
— Service agreements
— Cost
— Infrastructural and technical specification
— Compatibility with platforms currently in use in Irish HEIs

In total, nine responses were received, all of which are included in this guide. The responses have
not been altered or edited and are presented in the exact format in which they were submitted
directly by the vendors themselves.

Unishare: Student Relationship Management at UCD

This institutional approach…
…is based in University College Dublin.
…was developed in-house.
…allows for the tracking of student interactions with services, with a view to improving efficiencies and enhancing student experiences.
…helps to inform institutional decision making regarding resource deployment.

CIT Faculty Dashboard

This institutional approach…
…is based in Cork Institute of Technology.
…was developed in-house.
…involved the creation of a dashboard which continuously gathers a range of data to inform institutional decision making.
…has been shown to have considerable strategic value.