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November 2019
15 November 2019

Learning Analytics and the Possibilities to Enhance Learning

Learning Outcomes: Develop a broad understanding of Learning Analytics and its relevance across all levels of an educational institution Learn how to think about data in relation to enhancing student success Learn how to get started by exploring Learning Management System analytics Develop the ability to use Learning Analytics to create a holistic feedback cycle…

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The Impact of Students’ Engagement with Digital Platforms on Learning

Learning Outcomes Understand the many ways technology is impacting students in higher education Recognise the symptoms of online addiction and cyberbullying Participants will learn about the various supports available for students dealing with online addiction and how lecturers can make interventions Develop teaching strategies to negate reduced attention spans, the fear of missing out (FoMo)…

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Thinking and Learning Across Disciplines in Doctoral Education

Learning Outcomes Participants will have an opportunity to meet and create networked relationships across the disciplines amongst existing and aspiring doctoral educators Participants will appraise the key considerations and challenges when developing doctoral programmes that enable students to think beyond their own discipline Participants will evaluate key trends and developments in creating opportunities for students…

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26 November 2019

Equality and Diversity: Developing Inclusive Pedagogical Spaces

Learning Outcomes Exploration of faculty understanding of diversity and intersectionality within the student cohort Reflection on personal, professional and collective lenses through which we view diversity within the student population Critically review normalised pedagogical practices Identification of changes in teaching, learning and assessment practices which might enhance the learning experience for all our students Scope…

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27 November 2019

Religions and Beliefs in Changing Times (RBCT): Responses to Religious Belief Diversity in Educational Settings in the Republic of Ireland

Learning Outcomes: Learn how to use innovative methodologies and new approaches, e.g. belief circles, to explore personal beliefs (philosophical, secular, religious, spiritual, financial and political) Explore how to bring “beliefs” into educational spaces in a safe, learning environment whereby students are not humiliated, marginalised or excluded by expressing their beliefs Engage with the discomfort or…

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28 November 2019

Engaging Students in Partnership with Staff in Learning and Teaching

Learning Outcomes: Examine the potential benefits of the Students as Partners approach to enhance the learning experience Explore the challenges of whole cohort involvement as students as partners Discuss the variety of levels of student participation in curriculum design Evaluate the participation matrix of student participation and its applicability in delegate programmes

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29 November 2019

Developing Digital Graduate Attributes Within, Across and Beyond the Curriculum

Learning Outcomes Share conceptions and experiences of embedding digital graduate attributes within, across and beyond the curriculum Explore the Digital Creative Attributes Framework (DCAF) development and implementation experience at UAL Investigate the DCAF toolkit for staff and students and reflect on how it might inform institutional practices Identify opportunities for the development of personal practice…

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December 2019
06 December 2019

Learning Connections 2019: Spaces, People, Practice

The Learning Connections Conference will take place in University College Cork on 6 December 2019. This conference will bring together learners, teachers, architects, designers and all who support teaching, from across third level institutions: from universities; institutes of technology; community; industry; government agencies; policy makers; and regulators, under the frame of learning connections. The conference…

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Translation in Language Teaching: Rethinking the Role of Translation in Third-level Language Learning

Learning Outcomes To consider the plethora of concepts, terms and approaches related to translation in language teaching (TILT) and how these may be connected with the reconceptualization of translation in language pedagogy To develop teaching and learning pedagogies that employ audio visual translation to exploit the increasingly multilingual repertoires of students in order to foster…

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Enhancing Student Engagement: Implementing Active Learning Strategies

Learning Outcomes Develop and produce a personal definition of Active Learning Hand pick a selection of Active Learning Strategies to utilize in your own Practice Produce an action plan for implementing at least one Active Learning Strategy for one of your own subjects/topics or lesson Construct a clear path to achieving the learning outcomes for…

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