2024 UDL International Symposium: Including Every Learner

The Westgrove Hotel

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for addressing the educational needs of diverse and variable learners in many settings across many stages of life. The UDL Guidelines can be used by educators, curriculum developers, researchers, parents, and anyone else who wants to implement the UDL framework in a learning environment. The purpose of this…

Annual ATU UDL Conference

Conference details are located on our webpage - https://www.atu.ie/teaching-and-learning/udl/cef The link to Express Interest in submitting a Poster is - https://forms.office.com/e/kkp7gCijwJ

2025 European Learning & Teaching Forum

University College Cork , United States

2030 and beyond: towards responsive and adaptable higher education It has become an accepted fact, if not a truism, that we are undergoing a period of change and disruption that poses numerous challenges to higher education, as well as for society at large. Building agility for unknown challenges that may emerge is thus a key…