Professor Bairbre Redmond is Associate Professor of Higher Education at University College Dublin. She currently holds the joint posts of Deputy Registrar, Teaching and Learning and Dean of Undergraduate Students. In these roles she has responsibility for the development and maintenance of high-quality teaching, learning and curriculum development across programmes, schools and colleges in line with UCD‚ Education Strategy. She also has oversight on UCD‚ participation in Universitas 21, a leading global network of 21 international research-intensive universities. In this role she has a particular focus in forging cross-institutional links, developing collaborative international proposals and projects for teaching and learning across the network.

Professor Redmond has a particular interest in the development of new reflective teaching and training approaches [see Redmond, B. (2004 & 2006) Reflection in Action, Aldershot, Ashgate Press]. She has completed a number of longitudinal study of Irish social workers from training into professional practice with Dr Suzanne Guerin (School of Psychology), receiving IRCHSS and HSE funding to support this work. In 2007 and 2008 she received National Strategic Initiative Funding (SIF1 and SIF2) to design and develop a Teaching Fellowship Programme in UCD to recognise and reward outstanding teachers and to build educational leadership (in collaboration with Elizabeth Noonan, Director of Academic Development). The success of the UCD Fellowships in Teaching and Academic development has been singled out for mention in both the Chronicle of Higher Education (2012) and the report of the EU High Level Group on the Modernisation of Higher Education (2013).

Professor Redmond is Chair of the Complaints Committee, Advertising Standards Association of Ireland. She was a member of An Garda Siochana Training & Development Review Group (2008-9) and was a Ministerial appointee on the Private Residential Tenancies Board (2004-9). She has been one of Ireland’s Bologna Experts since 2007.