Angela Short, M.A.  PGCHEP is a Lecturer in Dundalk Institute of Technology where she teaches a range of undergraduate modules in the School of Business and Humanities. She is also a tutor in the DkIT Centre for Excellence in  Learning and Teaching (CELT) where she teaches on the Masters in Learning and Teaching (MALT) programme, a professional development programme for teaching staff .

On completion of undergraduate degree in Queens University, Angela worked in industry in Production and Human Resource management before taking up her present position in the School of Business in 1986. Alongside her teaching role in DkIT, Angela has acted as the Regional Organiser for the FAS Community Enterprise Programme and was a facilitator and Mentor for the introduction of the Community Employment Scheme.  Angela has served on Academic Council in DkIT for three years where she held the position of Chairperson of the Teaching and Learning Committee.  She is the founder of the DkITimes, the institute newspaper, having edited it for seven years before its transition to an online publication.   Angela’s research interests are in staff professional development, student engagement and technology enhanced learning.   She is a member of the three person MALT teaching team who were recipients of an inaugural National Teaching Expert Award in December 2015.