Date: September 23rd

Time: 13:00

Venue: Online Webinar

Presenter: Gavin Clinch (Institute of Technology Sligo)
Professor Carlos Delgado Kloos ( Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Brian Mulligan (Institute of Technology Sligo)


The webinar will begin with a presentation of the development of small private online courses (SPOCs) at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. These remedial‚ courses were designed to support learners attain a common baseline in disciplines such as Maths, physics, chemistry and biology prior to commencement of their degree. A flipped classroom methodology was adopted for these short courses which were delivered to groups of between 100 and 300 students.

In the second part of the webinar participants will be invited to consider whether a similar model of MOOC delivery and support could be applied to other topics such as learning to learn (at third level), preparing for success learning to succeed, digital literacy, communication skills, personal effectiveness – critical skills that have been identified as essential for successful engagement with and completion of third level education but are often seen as missing from the first year, undergraduate students repertoire. Could Irish HEIs collaborate in the delivery of such MOOCs to senior cycle students?

In the final element of the webinar consideration will be given to the potential benefits of gamification and digital badges as a means to both incentivise and reward MOOC participants.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Appraise new (MOOC) strategies to support learners in the transition from secondary to tertiary education
  • Discuss the potential impact on learning offered by gamification and digital badges
  • Consider the opportunities to collaborate in the development of MOOCs for senior cycle students


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