The National Forum is funding 48 seminar series taking place from November 2014 ‚ June 2015. The seminars all focus on a particular aspect of the Forum‚ Enhancement Theme, Teaching for Transitions. Below is the full list of seminars grouped by theme. Please click on the seminar title to access more information and online registration.

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Transitions to a Digital Campus

Mary Immaculate College Building an evidence base for enhanced digital pedagogy for online learning 17/02/2015
Institute of Art, Design & Technology.NCBI Working for People with Sight Loss and Trinity College Dublin (TCD) Introducing Digiplace4all online community

AHEAD Does one size fit all? – assistive technology in the learning environment and at work

National University of Ireland Galway Marvellous Mapping: Reflecting on online identities and practices using Visitors and Residents Mapping

University of Limerick Digital resources to support the development of oral and aural skills

Dublin Institute of Technology “Apps and Gaps”. Student and lecturer perceptions of how apps can promote successful transition to first-year undergraduate study

  1. Keynote speaker: James Northridge, UrAbility, Dragons’ Den Winner
  2. Nevan Birmingham: session of how to develop a fast bespoke app
  3. Student panel discussion, facilitated by Trevor Boland, D.I.T. Assistive Technology Officer
Dublin City University Reaching for the STARS: Designing for Learning in the Digital Classroom  30/06/2015
St. Patrick’s College Embracing the transition to the synchronous online classroom: supporting student engagement

University College Dublin Using existing quality guidelines to peer review and enhance on-line and blended programmes.

Limerick Institute of Technology Blended or Blinded ‚Approaches to Integrating Blended Learning in Higher Education 13/05/2015

The First Year Experience

Institute of Technology Carlow & Dublin Institute of Technology Learning to Learn at College – Students transitioning to reading, writing and knowledge creation at third level 06/02/2015
Waterford Institute of Technology Teaching for Transition‚ The role of the lecturer in enabling learners to navigate the transition from Second to Third level Education

Waterford Institute of Technology How language learners deal with the transition from second level to third level in relation to second language acquisition 30/04/2015
Dundalk Institute of Technology Making space for writing in the first year curriculum


Transitions to Disciplinary Practice

Dublin City University Student Evaluation of Mathematics Learning Support

IT Tallaght Using active learning strategies to support the transition to engineering education 09/01/2015
University of Limerick Legal Pedagogy in Transition 30/04/2015
UCD in collaboration with the Irish Mathematics Learning Support Network (IMLSN) Maximizing the impact of digital supports in Mathematics Learning Support in Higher Education


Transitions for a Diverse Student Body

Institute of Technology Tralee “Being all things to all people” Transitioning international students into higher education in IrelandTo view the report click on the link below:

Royal College of Surgeons Ireland – Institute of Leadership Intergenerational Learning – Challenges & Opportunities 13/02/2015
University of Limerick EAP a curriculum advancement and teacher development workshop

Trinity College Dublin ‚Making the transition to third level ‚ different voices and different experiences‚ 26/02/2015
Mary Immaculate College Understanding and Supporting Access Transitions in Higher Education: evidence from best practice 30/04/2015
University of Limerick Raising aspirations – the first transition: Improving access to the professions for under represented groups in higher education in Ireland 02/05/2015
University College Dublin Challenging Assumptions: Transition and Widening Participation

Waterford Institute of Technology The Engagement and Retention of Non-Traditional Students Transition into Third Level Education. 26/05/2015

Transitions into the Workplace

Cork Institute of Technology Engaging students through enterprise societies

University of Limerick Queer Transitions: Preparing Students for the Complexities of Gender and Sexualities in Future Workplaces

Dublin City University Embedding Entrepreneurship Principles in your Teaching: the experience in non-business disciplines. 05/12/2014
Waterford Institute of Technology A path from college to work; supporting our humanities students / graduates

Dublin Institute of Technology Supervising Undergraduate Dissertations‚ Facilitating the Transition to the Workplace or Further Research

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology The Next Step Module‚ GMIT‚ Innovative Approach to preparing Students of the Built Environment for the Transition from 3rd Level Education to the Workplace

University College Dublin Graduate Careers: Engaging, developing and preparing students for transitions using a skills based approach to employability


Pedagogical Innovations to Support Transitions

Maynooth University Emergent Scholarship to Academic Conversations: Increasing the visibility of your scholarship

Institute of Technology Carlow Transition to Postgraduate Study: The Taught Master’s Student Experience

Dublin Institute of Technology Applying academic knowledge to real world situations – Community engaged learning and research as an enabler to transition from higher education to employment and/or further study 08/01/2015
Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology What kinds of changes in teaching make the most positive impact in students’ ongoing experience of transition? 15/01/2015
University College Cork Teaching or Training; the University’s Dilemma with the Irish Medtech Industry 20/01/2015
University of Limerick Practice what we preach: How do we teach about transition and work in culturally diverse environments? 29/04/2015
National University of Ireland Galway GUIDE (Galway University Integration through Drama and Education) Symposium  Seminar Report 31/01/2015
Trinity College Dublin Connected Curriculum: Research-based Education, programme design and student transition.

Institute of Technology Tralee (representing the South/South East Region cluster Focus on Effective and Efficient Transition Initiatives

Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown Supporting students through peer mentoring 20/02/2015
University College Cork Mind the Gap: Researching the links between classroom and field based learning in professional education.

Athlone Institute of Technology Enabling transformative learning and developing graduate attributes in students: enhancement of engagement via partnership approaches in and beyond the curriculum.

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology From practice to research-based practice: Transitions in identity in the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT)

Cork Institute of Technology Valuing learning attained in different contexts

University of Limerick The Academic Library’s role in supporting new students: transition success and retention